Gift Boxes & Baskets

A gift boxes and baskets are a beautufully personal and unique gift that is ideal for any number of occasions ranging from birthdays and mothers or fathers day, to anniversaries, engagements or even weddings. Another wonderful occasion to give a personalised gift boxes is on the birth of a new baby, enabling you to add a lovely selction of small gifts for the new arrival.

Extra information about gift boxes

The idea of giving gift boxes or baskets with personalised pens has been around for quite a while, and they are such a lovely idea as they are so much more personal than giving money or a gift card. The onset of the internet has enabled people to send gift boxess to family and friends virtually anywhere and it would make anyone happy to know that so much thought has gone into the gift from their loved one.

Making your own gift baskets up is always going to be extra special, but may seem a little disconcerting. There are a few ideas which may make the process easier for you:-

Choosing a Theme

Probably the best advice, is to first decide on as theme for your basket to include promotional pens.  The arrival of a new baby would obviously be much easier than maybe a anniversay or a birthday.  The best thing to do in those circumstances is to find out a partcular hobby or pastime of the person or couple and work on that as your theme.

Once you have chosen a theme of printed pens, then choose an appropriate basket.  Craft departments in many stores should have a good variety and choice of shapes and sizes.  It may also be possible to respray the basket if you prefer to not just use the usual wicker style colour.  Remember though that if money if tight for you, choose a smaller basket that will require less items to fill it.

The last thing to decide on then is what products you will use to fill up the basket.  Obviously chocolate and sweets can be added to most themes (except obviously the new baby ones!). But sticking to a particular colour or couple of colours will look striking.

Candles are also a lovely addition, particularly if the gift boxes and baskets is meant for a woman.  Scented candles create a lovely scented room and others are very decorative and can be used for ornamental purposes, and give that nice personal touch you may be looking for.